The CalArts Clarinet Class of 2008/2009
John Choi, Nathan Smith, Joe Santa Maria and Will Norman

The CalArts Clarinet Class of 2007/2008
Erin Breen, William Powell, Nathan Smith and Brian Walsh (missing from photo - Mikes Sakelliou - again!)

The CalArts Clarinet Class of 2006/2007
Erin Breen, Katherine Hamor, Brian Walsh and Alex Moore (missing from photo - Mikes Sakelliou)
 photo by William Powell

Erin Breen (MFA, 1st year - CalArts)
White Water Rafting!!!

Jim Sullivan (MFA - CalArts, 2003)
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Malathi Michelle Iyengar (MFA - CalArts, 1999)
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 photo by Kyle Baker


E. Michael Richards (PhD - Univ. of CA, San Diego, 1984) & Bill Powell in downtown Baltimore, Maryland (Oct. 2006)
E.M. Richards' "Clarinet of the Twenty-First Century" website
Website for Tanosaki-Richards Duo (clarinet and piano)
photo by Kazuko Tanosaki


Brian Walsh (MFA, 1st year - CalArts)
Visit Brian's website by clicking HERE.
 photo by Steve Gunther


Timothy Bonenfant (MFA - CalArts, DMA - Univ. of NV, Las Vegas)
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Stacey Weage McColley (in the Valkyrie hat)
performing Dead Elvis in Tampa, Florida
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Elana Weber (MFA - CalArts, 1998)
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Circular breathing exercise with CalArts students
 photo by Steve Gunther


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